The Bang Bit – M


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Clean up the cuticle area and under the nail with ease

Uniquely designed to allow you to refine the product around the cuticle area making it flush.

This is a hard-to-reach area with a nail file and the bang bit allows you to maneuver around this area carefree.

It’s also great for removing small areas of lifting, removing stones, removing the natural nail’s free edge from under an enhancement, and over-spilled product from under the free edge and side walls.

Great for refining and sealing the cuticle for Gel-X nails.

Also features a safety edge to protect your client’s cuticles.

Designed to cut smoothly in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, making them perfect for right and left-handed nail techs.

Small Cone Bit -M

3.1 mm

Medium Grit


Safety Bit (R-cut)

Speciality Carbide

Diamond-like Coated to protect against rust and oxidation and increase shelf-life

100% Tungsteen Carbide Steel

Right-handed & left-handed use

Standard Shaft width of 3/32″

Fits all E-file machines

Use at 20k – 25k RPMs depending on the torque of your e-file machine


The bit must be cleaned after every client by following our instructions.

Our mini mandrel bit has a lifetime guarantee

1.Soak in Hot Water + Degreasing Soap + Brass Brush.

2. Rinse

3. Soak in Salon grade Disinfectant for the recommended time.

4. Rinse

5. Dry on a microfiber cloth.

Do not air dry your bits or soak them in acetone.

Only soak in disinfectant for the recommended time.

Air drying & soaking in chemicals longer than the recommended time will introduce oxidation+ rust which will dull your bits and shorten their life span.


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