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Great entry bit to get started with structured gel manicures like BIAB.

 This tiny bit will open the cuticle pocket, lightly pushing back/lifting the nail fold, removing the cuticle from the nail plate allowing you to tuck color further back onto the nail plate.

Also used to reduce dead skin cells and polish away hangnails in small areas.

Medium grit is great for thick and oily cuticles, helping you efficiently lift and exfoliate them off the nail plate before your nail enhancement service.

Features cooling grooves making them last 4-6 months, premium finish giving them a featherlight soft touch for the client but with ultimate performance.

Diamond Bit

1.8mm Small Flame

Medium Grade

Cuticle bit

100% Tungsten Carbide

Right-handed & left-handed use

Standard Shaft width of 3/32″

Fits all E-file machines

Use at 9k – 15k RPMs depending on the torque of your e-file machine


The bit must be cleaned after every client to remain sharp by following our instructions.

Our Diamond bits usually last 4-6 months but this can vary dependent on how busy you are.

1.Soak in Hot Water + Degreasing Soap + Brass Brush.

2. Rinse

3. Soak in Salon grade Disinfectant for the recommended time.

4. Rinse

5. Dry on a microfiber cloth.

Do not air dry your bits or soak them in acetone.

Only soak in disinfectant for the recommended time.

Air drying & soaking in chemicals longer than the recommended time will introduce oxidation+ rust which will dull your bits and shorten their life span.


If your polisher bit originally took 1-2 swipes to smoothen and polish and now it takes 2,3+ swipes, it’s time for a new polisher bit. It may also be taking longer or you are starting to feel more body wear and tear or applying more pressure to get efficient results


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