Medium Fine (180 Grit) Zebra Mini Sanding Bands – 100 pcs


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Precision and Perfect Prep is finally here

Designed to work seamlessly with our brand-new 3.1mm Small Mandrel Drill Bit. These sanding bands are perfect to easily reach deep sidewalls, prep smaller nail beds, and toenails, and easily etch the underside of  Gel-X/Full cover tips without compromising the sidewalls.

Our Mini Sanding Bands come in three distinct variations – fine (240 grit), medium fine(180 grit), and medium(150 grit). Our Medium Fine Grit Small Sanding Bands are adept at prepping strong natural nails and refining hard gel, acrylic, dip, and gel extensions for infills

These small sanding bands are premium Grade White Zebra made from Japanese Aluminum Oxide material which provides high heat dissipation and minimal clogging designed to improve your speed, quality, and precision in your nail work.

For the safety and nail health of your clients, these medium-grit sanding Bands are not to be used directly on thin natural nails and should be used per client.

Also Available in Medium (150 grit)

Also Available in Fine (240 grit)



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