Limelight Disco Gel


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Neon and lime, this gel color is packed with sparkly reflective neon lime diamond dust. Just turn on flash and watch this reflective glitter dance and come to life!

The Neon Disco Gel Collection features six stunning neon reflective glitter shades that are the most sought after exclusive colours in town. Named after disco slangs, featuring our reflective diamond disco glitter formula that offers opacity in two swatches and high reflection under flash light.

Shades include;

LIMELIGHT: neon lime

RICH-RICH: neon green

UPHEARTED: neon blue

ADULATION: neon pink

WICKED: neon dark orange

FLAMING: neon light orange

Highly Pigmented 100% Gel System. Non Shrinking and Non Yellowing formula that lasts upto 4 weeks

LED and UV curable


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