320 Grit Pro Refillable Nail Smoother


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Sturdy and Sanitisable, this stainless steel metal file centre board is a nail tech’s buddy to perfect nail enhancements and a companion for our nail refills

Made from the highest quality Japanese sandpaper, our nail smoother refills are 320 grit and perfect for smoothening natural nails and giving a low natural sheen.

Halfmoon shape makes it comfortable to hold and great for shaping all around the nail as well as working around the cuticle area.

1 pc Pro Refillable Stainless Steel File + 10 pcs Nail Smoother refills- 320 grit

    • ideal for smoothing the surface of natural nails
    • gives a low sheen to surface of nails without requiring a top coat


Pro Tip: Mix and match refills to customise filling for every client






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